Ryan Braun: From MVP to Controversy

Ryan Braun: From MVP to Controversy

MVP or Fraud?

Ryan Braun is the reigning MVP of the NL and tested positive for a banned substance. His testosterone was abnormally high. He was pending a 50 game suspension from MLB. Early last week, the ruling was reversed through arbitration because the sample wasn’t turned into the league right away. This was the first time that a ruling has been reversed during arbitration for a banned substance. Even though the ruling was overturned, in my eyes it doesn’t free Braun from having tested positive. It was by a technicality.

With the sample staying over 72 hours by the person that collected it, the arbitrator couldn’t rule that the sample was legit. This issue comes down to Ryan Braun versus the collector Dino Laurenzi Jr. Dino Laurenzi Jr. has been a drug collector for years and has never had an issue. He said that he never tampered with the sample and it had a tampered proof seal on there. Laurenzi stated that the reason he kept it for 72 hours was because there were no Fed Ex locations open nearby so he stored the sample in his basement. With the temperature of the basement in question, there is no way to know if any factors played a role in the positive test. Who would you trust in the court of public opinion? Is it the baseball player that has no history of negative transgressions but the game itself has had a substance problem for decades or a drug test collector who has no reason to tamper with a test and has never done so?

I’m not saying that Braun is guilty or not. I feel that the odds of him truly testing positive is stacked up against him and he shouldn’t get a free pass because the arbitrator reserved the ruling. This game has had a huge issue with steroids and banned substances for years and each player has denied using until the facts came out. There are guys like Roger Clemons that people still question his story. Remember, you don’t have to be muscle bound to be on a banned substance. Ryan Braun seems to play by the rules but in the game of baseball, we really don’t know.

What do you think?

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