Washington Redskins: All In

Washington Redskins: All In


Will RGIII make the Redskins contenders?

The Washington Redskins completed a deal March 9th that will change the franchise for ever whether it’s good or bad. They traded away their 1st round picks in 2012, 2013, 2014 and a 2nd round pick in 2012 to select 2nd overall in this year’s 2012 draft from the St Louis Rams. The question instantly becomes was this trade worth it. The trade insures the Redskins that they will either select Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck. With the Colts most likely pick Andrew Luck, Redskins will pick RG3 in this year’s draft.

Robert Griffin III is a rear athlete that has all the passing skills of a franchise QB and the speed of a track star. Actually he did run track for a while. Even with these skills, the Redskins are taking a huge risk that this trade will work. In the NFL anything can happen whether it’s an injury or a player not adapting well from college to the pros. The Redskins gambled their future for RG3 and they’re hoping that this will pay off. I can understand in a way why the Redskins would feel pressure to do this trade. First, the fan base is really for a winner. They are tired of being the last place team in a strong division. Their competing year after year with the Cowboys, Eagles, and Super Bowl Champs the New York Giants. Secondly, this year seemed to be the perfect year to do it. They have over $40 million under the salary cap. They are able to get any free agent they want but they would need a franchise QB to make them credible in the NFC East. Could this mean that WR Vincent Jackson may be the next big move from the Redskins?

Only time will tell if this was a good or bad trade. In some people eyes, the Redskins had to make this trade. With the Browns holding a better drafting position (selecting 4th overall) and hold two 1st round picks this year, the Redskins had to make an offer that the St. Louis Rams could not refuse. For the next few seasons, there are no excuses for the Redskins. They will be heading in some type of direction, either playoff bound and contenders or struggle for years without being able to rebuild through the draft. Which one will it be?

What do you think?

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  1. Randy says:

    The nfc east just got better with top qbs in the division. Tony romo,eli manning,rg3 and michael vick all are pretty good qbs and can be the best qbs in any division in football with these players playing each other twice a season this could be the hardest division to win next season.

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