Dwight Howard: Caught in a Dilemma Caused by Himself

Dwight Howard: Caught in a Dilemma Caused by Himself

Will Howard get traded before the trade deadline?

This entire Dwight Howard possible trade situation is out of control. One minute he wants to be traded to five teams then the next minute it’s down to two teams and now he wants to stay with the Magic until the end of the season. Dwight, make your mind up and stick to it. It’s fine to protect your public image by not seeming to be the bad guy but it’s too late. Howard needs to say either he wants a trade or sign the extension with the Orlando Magic. Stop playing games.

I don’t want to be too harsh on a guy that has a life changing decision on his hands, but the day he went public about possibly leaving Orlando, he put himself in a no win situation. Ever since LeBron James shocked the world that he was going to take his talents to South Beach, anyone after that who left there teams would have problems. Everyone paid close attention last year to Carmelo Anthony when he requested a trade to the New York Knicks. He was also looked as negatively by the fan base in Denver and across the league for forcing his way to New York. I guess Howard seen that if you don’t say anything and leave as a free agent, you will get criticized by the fans. If you request a trade before the deadline, you will be seen as forcing your way out which also looks bad. The problem with Howard is to choose one direction and stick with it.

Chris Paul dealt with the same situation Howard is in but did it the right way. Since Paul wanted to leave he expressed his feeling to management and didn’t want to leave them with nothing if he left in free agency. The Hornets (the NBA) decided that the best thing to do is to trade him and the result has been great for Paul because there really hasn’t been a backlash against him. With Dwight Howard being so indecisive, it creates a bad situation for the fan base in Orlando because their emotions are being played with.

The rumor this week was that if Howard stayed until the end of the year, they would trade for a star player before the trade deadline and give Howard the option to get rid of Coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith. That’s the most asinine thing I ever heard. It’s one thing for a player to have control where they go, but to have the ability to fire the Head Coach and GM? If that was the standard, it would ruin the game and it spell the end of the NBA. The bottom line is that we should’ve never gotten to this point. All Dwight Howard needed to do is have a meeting with management and explain that he will not re-sign with the Magic. Then request to be traded. He could still be a productive member of the team while waiting to be traded. He had a few years to think about what he wants. It’s time to step up and deal with the consequences of leaving the town that drafted you. It might not be the most popular thing with fans, but do what’s best for you and move on.

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  1. Randy says:

    Howard should leave orlando and go where he can be the piece to a championship and start his career to winning rings.

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