What the Buffalo Bills mean to Buffalo, NY

What the Buffalo Bills mean to Buffalo, NY

Bills Fans are the Definition of Real Sports Fans.

We all hear about how a sports team can cultivate a city. We even hear about how a city may have the greatest fans because of the support they put behind a team. In the case of the Buffalo Bills, they are all the city has when it comes to a national presence and perception. When people think about the city of Buffalo, they think about bad weather, chicken wings, and the Bills losing four Super Bowls in a row. With Mario Williams signing this past week, the city has hope again. There is something truly special with Bills and its fans.

Buffalo is the second largest city in New York State but is small compared to bigger cities. It has a small town feel to it. Once a city that was popular for its steel mills and now a city where many choose to leave from because of the lack of career opportunities. This is a town that craves for sports but it only has two major sports teams. They once had a NBA team, the Buffalo Braves but they left and are now called the Los Angeles Clippers. Buffalo has no MLB team except for the triple A Buffalo Bison. They have the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. They’re many Sabres fans out there but since the NFL is the most popular sport, the Bills give the people of Buffalo their chance in the national spotlight.

The community felt a special bond with the team in the 60’s and 70’s when the stadium was in the city. They later built a stadium outside of Buffalo in Orchard Park and the fans continued to lend their support. Everyone outside of Buffalo looks at the 90’s Bills and sees failure to win the big game. What many may not know is that players like Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith are local legends that own the city to this day. Many free agents choose not to come near Buffalo because of all the negative things that they hear but one thing that is very appealing in the Queen City is that if you win, you will become an iconic figure forever.

Quite simply, the city of Buffalo has had bad fortune when it comes to sports. They lost the four Super Bowls. The Sabres got to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals when the infamous “no goal” play occurred. Then the last time the Bills were in the playoffs, they got bit by the “music city miracle”. The Tennessee Titans scored on a kickoff return by what seemed to be a forward lateral. For years the Bills were irrelevant in the NFL. When Terrell Owens became a free agent and no other team wanted him, the only place that would take a chance on him was the Bills because they needed to sell tickets and become relevant again. So when the Bills signed Mario Williams to a $100 million contract, it meant more than signing a sack master but, it meant giving the city hope. Did they over pay him? Yes. Was it worth every penny? Yes. This move was needed to rejuvenate the city again. They have had teases in the past. They even started out winning their first four games last season before ending the season 6-10. This time it doesn’t feel like false hope but hope heading into the right direction.

3 Responses to What the Buffalo Bills mean to Buffalo, NY

  1. Randy says:

    Buffalo needed mario williams and they have to continue working in the right direction so they can be a factor in an better afc east

    • cee nance says:

      they also need some big ass 600lbs white boy’s no disrespect intended and make them lift weight’s all off season, so they can protect whoever’s back there. Now the bills could use tebow since he’d rather run around anyway now william’s was a good pick but not for 100 million for that cheese we could’ve gotten 3 or 4 player’s on D.

  2. Joe says:

    We have a hockey team you know… and we like them a whole hell of a lot

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