Is this Kentucky’s tournament to lose?

Is this Kentucky’s tournament to lose?

Will the Wildcats win the tourney?

Each year the NCAA tournament creates upsets and thrilling games. This year it seems that all of the stars are aligned for the Kentucky Wildcats to win the national championship. They clearly have the most talented team in the tournament. They have at least three players that will be taken in the first round of the NBA draft. Here are some of the reason things seem to be going their way.

The team that would pose a serious threat to Kentucky is North Carolina. The only problem is that their sensational point guard Kendall Marshall broke his non-shooting wrist and just had surgery on it. Carolina still has a shot at the title but this was a big blow. I’m not going to say that Kentucky has this thing wrapped up but this is one example of things going in their direction.

Another #1 seed Syracuse would have been a problem for any team in the tournament but they lost their star center. Fab Melo was ruled academic ineligible for the NCAA tournament. Without their defensive presence and offensive big man, the Orangemen road to the final four just got even harder. Another threat to Kentucky chances of winning lowers.

The last reason is how one of the biggest upsets happened to the #2 seed Duke versus #15 Lehigh which is in Kentucky’s bracket. According to their seeding, Duke posed the biggest threat to Kentucky of getting to the final four.

The crazy thing about this tournament is that Kentucky can lose their next game in the sweet sixteen and all of this becomes irrelevant. But too much is going in their direction. They would be considered the favorites without all that happened during this tournament. We will find out soon if they are a team of destiny.

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  1. Randy says:

    Being a north carolina fan I would hope to see kentucky and nc in the championship game but kentucky has the best player in the country and nc has the best front line in the country I would love to see that title game.

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