Should the NBA increase the age limit?

Should the NBA increase the age limit?

Before answering should the NBA increase the age limit, what is the real reason behind setting a limit? I understand why the NFL has a limit because if a kid came right out of high school into the league, their bodies wouldn’t hold up. A sport like Tennis for instance doesn’t have an age limit because the sport isn’t as physically demanding as Football. In the case of Basketball, it’s more about improving the level of play and more money for the NCAA. If all players had to go to school for two years minimum, the NBA benefits by having more mature and better ball players while the NCAA interest would be higher resulting into more money. So should the NBA increase the age limit? Yes.

The perfect resolution is that student athletes would have to stay in school for two years while getting some type of a payment in school. Student Athletes should get a piece of the pie but that’s another discussion for another day. The reason they should wait another year is because the players will be more NBA ready when they come out and NBA scouts will know more about the player. Also, if the player is that financially strapped, they have the opinion to go overseas and play like Brandon Jennings did a few years back. I understand that they are being held in school while a hand few can really play effective in the league right now. It would definitely be in the fans interest for players to stay in school.

Once the trend started in the mid 90’s with players entering the draft from high school, it was up to the scouts and GM to truly evaluate the talent and do what was in the best interest of the kid. There are only a few talented players from high school that are really ready for the pros. There had been many players that came out and were bust and didn’t have an education to fall back on. Knowing that a player can get hurt at any time, players want some sort of security. Once again, this is why paying student athletes and increasing the age limit for the NBA are in correlation. There had been some discussion to increase the limit but only time will tell if that will truly be the right discussion.

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  1. Randy coates says:

    Yes they should because alot of highschool players arent ready and alot of freshmen arent ready to enter the nba.

    • cee nance says:

      i agree 100% with this because when you throw millions of dollar’s to these guy’s but they have no morals well that’s a script for disaster. But i also feel for some of these guy’s because when you grow up in poverty and all of a sudden your the reason your families life is a million times better then that means alot even if you are only 17-18yrs old. I think it’s on the actual franchise to provide a mentoring program for these young guy’s to help them adjust i mean they make trillion’s of dollars of these same young guy’s so why not help them along. By keeping older player’s like ewing,barkly,pippen, and worthy around to help with these youngster’s then i think it’s win win.

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