Tiger Woods search for Redemption

Tiger Woods search for Redemption

Is this the year of the Tiger comeback?

We all know what happened in November of 2009 and all of the activities that led to that moment in Tiger Woods life. Now Woods seems to be primed on making one of the great comeback stories in sports history. Winning this year’s Masters tournament would show the inner strength that Tiger has and will prove many doubters wrong. Finally Tiger Woods is in a good place mentally and physically to win his 15th major. What is so interesting about this is that they’re were so many golfers with negative things to say about Tiger while he was down.

Once people caught wind of the story that Woods had several affairs on his wife, it seemed as though golfers around the PGA wanted a chance to kick Woods while he was down. It went from different golfers to his own caddy. Once Steve Williams got fired by Tigers Woods in 2011, he had plenty of negative comments about the type of person Woods is. He even made racial comments about his former employer. It didn’t stop with his caddy. Tiger’s former swing coach has a book about his time with Woods. Many things in the book reference Tiger in a negative light like the title called The Big Miss. It’s funny how people can turn their backs on you when things aren’t the best.

I find it interesting that the same people that benefitted from Woods success are the same ones being critical of him. Many golfers had comments including the “next Tiger” Rory McIlroy that they don’t fear Tiger. Where were those comments years ago? I understand being competitive and thinking you’re the best, but when Tiger is successful the game is successful. When Woods is in contention, it means higher ratings. It also means more money for the golfers.

With all the pressures that Woods faces, he finds himself in the best situation to succeed. What many seem to not focus on is that Tiger Woods was injured for the last couple of years. Now that he is healthy, he understands what it means to win the Masters after all he’s been through. Even the people at the Masters don’t want him to win. They had re-designed the course once woods won in 1997. It’s never been done before. Some can point to race and others will point to his infidelities, but no matter why Tiger Woods is getting this huge backlash, he can silence all the critics with one win.

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  1. Randy coates says:

    Tiger will win a major this year for sure and he is back and might be able to win this weekend at the masters.

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