Why the Wonderlic Test Should Be Banned

Why the Wonderlic Test Should Be Banned

Wonderlic Test makes no sense.

On April 26, the NFL Draft will be held in New York City. The process for these young athletes to get drafted is thorough. The problem is: Is it too much and is it outright demeaning? We can go in and discuss the aspect of the players dressed down to their underwear running the 40 or having to do the vertical jump, but there is one test that should be banned; the Wonderlic Test. The Wonderlic Test is a test which consists of 50 questions in about 12 minutes and determines ones intelligence and problem solving skills. Does the Wonderlic Test determine how good a player is going to become? The answer is no.

I could understand if the test had a correlation to how smart a player is on the football field or how great the layer will become. If that was the case, how does anyone explain Hall of Famer Dan Marino scoring low on the Wonderlic Test? How about a recent player in all pro Adrian Peterson scoring low on the same test? Those players IQ on the field are extremely high. This year, people questioned the best CB in the draft: Morris Claiborne. The Wonderlic doesn’t speak to one’s character. The entire test seems to do is paint a negative image of an athlete when they score bad. They’re many great athletes that have done well in the league while they didn’t test well on the Wonderlic. The main issue is organizations leaking the information to the media basically defaming a player.

Teams have a responsibility to not leak information that would damage the character on a 20 something year old player. The first thing the public points out to is the player is stupid, dumb, and can’t comprehend. The test is a misrepresentation of the intelligence of a player. Why can’t the team just ask the player question about football to see their intelligence level? You can tell if the player has enough knowledge about the position they play by asking football related question. Since the organizations are not responsible enough to hold the information, Roger Goodell should eliminate the test all together.

You never hear about someone scoring very high on the test because that is not newsworthy. This test only causes problems. They’re still more things in the draft process that don’t make sense like a QB or a Lineman doing the vertical jump. This isn’t basketball. By eliminating the test, the league would make the process more about football and less about nonsense.

What are your thoughts?

3 Responses to Why the Wonderlic Test Should Be Banned

  1. cee nance says:

    Being drafted in the NFL should be based on skill, not some racial profiled test that have no bearing on superbowl contention. It’s another way to control a player financially, and morally it’s wrong and flat out against the law! If i were a potential draftee i would get an attorny and flat out refuse to take it these guy’s won’t be happy untill the nfl start looking like the mlb!

  2. Randy coates says:

    I think u and c.nance are right this test is bogus.

  3. Bj raji says:

    It should be used it shpws wheitheas drafr players show effort I scored a 41 whitch os y I like my writtin is no verry good or I should say not verry good but it is actually good now quit brady/mannings queers do not belong in the national football league now go play with each other bungholes homo’s die

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