John Madden: Great In Many Ways

John Madden: Great In Many Ways

Madden NFL Football is the best selling sports franchise video game of all time.

Some people who know of John Madden know him as a great Super Bowl winning Coach for the Oakland Raiders. Others may know John Madden as one of the best color commentators in sports history. The funny thing about all of this is that John Madden may be best known as the brand that changed video game history. There is no denying that Madden has had a tremendous impact on popular culture, but to be great in three aspects of football is amazing.

What many people may not know about John Madden is that he should be considered as one of the greatest football coaches of all time especially if you look at his record. Throughout his coaching career, his record was 103-32-7 in 142 games. He was the youngest coach in NFL History to win a Super Bowl until John Gruden and Mike Tomlin won at a younger age. If John Madden didn’t retire at a young age, who knows how many Super Bowls he would have won. The Oakland Raider team was feared and a talented bunch. Many experts would say that Bill Belichick is the best Head Coach in NFL History but with Madden’s resume, you can argue that Madden record speak for itself. Not to discredit Belichick but before he had Brady, he was let go by the Browns.

It was a natural transition when Madden took a job to be the color commentator for CBS and then later at FOX. There was no question that he was the best at what he did and he truly brought a level of excitement to the game that made most of his catch phrases famous. John Madden along with Pat Summerall was the #1 broadcast team for years. Their chemistry was undeniable. With Summerall’s voice and Madden words like “boom”, it made for great TV. Madden also worked with Al Michaels calling Monday Night Football for ABC and later Sunday Night Football on NBC. Who would have known that while John Madden was leading a career as a commentator, he would make his permanent mark on a culture in the video game industry?

John Madden started a Football video game in 1988 called Madden Football (now Madden NFL Football) and is now the best-selling sports video game franchise of all time. The game started with cities; no real NFL teams. Now it has exclusive rights to the NFL. The game gets better and better each year. The game is made by Electronic Arts Sports Department better known as EA Sports. There slogan is “if it’s in the game, it’s in the game. That’s the best way to describe the game if you have never seen it before. The game has evolved with technology. I remember when they introduced rain into the game for the first time. It only showed the grass as a little darker and it actually made the players faster. I was amazed back then. Now, you can see the actual rain drops and the stains on the jerseys. Fumbles occur a little more often when it rains. It is as real as it gets. It is amazing how a person that started as just a football player, a coach, and a commentator, is now known as the king of sports video games. The game is so popular that it is released at midnight on its release date and there is a crowd of people waiting. It’s a party atmosphere. There are Madden tournaments everywhere in the US.

John Madden has had one of the most successful careers you can have in the sports industry. It’s amazing that some young people don’t really know how much John Madden contribute to the sport of football. There may be people who may not know that Madden is a real person. All they know is that’s the name of the video game franchise. Regardless, Madden has left his legacy to live on forever.

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  1. Randy coates says:

    I remember tecmo bowl and john elway football was actually going head to head with madden and madden is now the greatest video game ever.

  2. I don’t like sports enough to have known about his history before reading this article. It’s nice that you put this out there, but I actually came here to steal his picture for a ytpoop. JOHN MADDEN!!!

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