Boxing: Corruption at its Best

Boxing: Corruption at its Best

Boxing for years has been known for controversial decisions in fights. What happened on Saturday, June 9th 2012 was one of the worst split decisions in the sports history between Pacquiao/Bradley. The fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley was really a dominate performance from Pacquiao where most experts had him losing no more than 3 rounds in the fight. In the end Bradley won the fight in a split decision with two judges having it 115-113 for Bradley. With this occurring, it only pushes fans further away from the sport. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the reasons that would make Pacman lose to Bradley. Some are saying that the judges were upset at Pacquiao because he made them wait until the Heat/Celtics playoff game was over. That could be true but I have another reason why this may have occurred.

Being logical, it wouldn’t make sense for Pacquiao to lose to Bradley because it ruins the opportunity for the biggest money fight in the history of boxing between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. But of course in boxing, nothing is logical. One theory that could be true and makes some sense is that if Manny won the fight, there would be no other person for him to fight except for Mayweather. With the original negotiations falling through and Mayweather relationship with Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum not good, this would be a good way for Arum to make more money off of Pacquiao before the Mayweather bout. Bob Arum stated after the fight “I’m going to make a lot of money on the rematch but this is outrageous.” He also stated that Bradley before the decision was made told him “I tried hard but I couldn’t beat the guy.” This all sets up for a rematch where Pacman will want his revenge by trying to knockout Bradley.

Many Boxing Fans only want to see one fight and that’s between Mayweather and Pacquiao. The problem with the sport is that the casual fan has no interest in any other match. The Heavyweight division is pretty much washed up with the two best fighters being brothers and they won’t fight each other. Many of the big names are either old or way past their prime or have retired. With the emergence of MMA, Boxing is in danger of losing its core fans. Fights like the bout on June 9th only hurt the sport more. The general public now feels that the sport is a joke and questions its integrity. It is almost compared to wrestling where the outcomes are predetermined. If the judges really thought that Bradley won the fight and there was no corruption involved, than that is still damaging to the sport because now you have people that are not clearly performing a job that they get paid for. Only time will tell if Boxing Fans will forgive and forget about what just happened.

What do you think was the reason behind the controversial decision?

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  1. Randy coates says:

    Bob arum made sure he can stop a possible floyd and manny fight to gain money on a rematch with bradley pure b.s.

    • cee nance says:

      that’s the thing that kills me like wats the point of having a boxing sanction when these promoters run the whole show anyway. And i dnt care wat nobody say’s you should’nt be able to be both fighter’s promo that means he got a monopoly on the purse,gate,ppv and everything! Remember when the best fought the best nobody ducking nobody or waiting to fight when they’er old and grey.

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