Should Roger Clemens be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame?

Should Roger Clemens be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame?

Recently, Roger Clemens was acquitted of all charges of lying to Congress about not using performance enhancing drugs. As far as the court of public opinion is concern, Clemens is still looked as a player that used performance enhancing drugs. Before Brian McNamee mentioned that Clemens took PED’s, most baseball fans were amazed by Clemens body of work. Clemens has a career record of 354-184 and 4672 strike outs. What caught people off guard were how effective Clemens was after his 40th birthday. Now the decision that Roger Clemens will be waiting on is if he will be inducted into the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame?

There are two schools of thought about this question. If the voters truly look at the “steroid era” as an era where most players were cheating, then Roger Clemens should be placed in the Hall of Fame. If the voters allow any great player that has admitted to or been highly suspicious of using PED’s, then they have to let Clemens into the Hall. Guys like Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and others should be in the Hall of Fame because of how good they were in their era. The other train of thought is if you hold each player in high moral standards and make a statement that cheating is not allowed in the game of baseball, then Roger Clemens should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame. It is recognized that he has never admitted or been completely found lying about not using PED’s, but just with the accusations only would hinder the credibility of voters and creates controversy for not allowing players that have admitted to using.

We will all soon find out how the voters of the Hall of Fame will decide. Do you think Roger Clemens should be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

2 Responses to Should Roger Clemens be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame?

  1. Ran says:

    Yes he should and he should go down as on of the best pitchers of his area.

  2. Kendall Nodal says:

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