Penn State Scandal: Why They Deserve the Death Penalty

Penn State Scandal: Why They Deserve the Death Penalty

By now, we all know about the disgusting acts that Jerry Sandusky was charged with. What is so mind blowing how Penn State handled the situation. Former FBI investor Louis Freeh released his report which found that Penn State officials including Head Coach Joe Paterno failed to protect the children that Sandusky abused. It has been reported that Paterno and officials didn’t want the actions of Sandusky out in the public because they wanted to protect the integrity of the school. They were more concerned of protecting the University than protecting sexually abused children. These reported actions shows why Universities give too much power to coaches of big time Athletic Programs.

In many cases, the Head Coach of a big program is the big man on campus. When Ohio State’s former coach Jim Tressel was being investigated for not turning in information about his players receiving extra benefits, it showed that coaches feel that they can do things on their terms. Even though the Ohio State case is totally different than what Penn State is going through, the power should be taken away from the coach. In these cases, the coach feels they are more powerful then the law. There were staff members like Mike McQueary that bypassed going to the police but told Joe Paterno what he saw in a men’s restroom. Paterno still allowed Sandusky access to training facilities.

There has been many times that coaches have abused power, but when you put innocent children in harm by not reporting these horrible acts and still allow the abuser into your facility for over a decade is just sick. The University has to pay a dear price for this happening on their watch. The NCAA has to make certain that no actions like this will ever happen ever again. They have to drop the death penalty on Penn State. For those not familiar with the death penalty, it is a sanction that will take football away from the University for at least two years. It has happened once with SMU. It will set as a harsh reminder that this cannot be tolerated. It may not be fair to the kids at the University who signed up to play, but what the officials did there is inexcusable.

What do you think should happen with Penn State?

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