2012 Olympics: Compelling Stories

2012 Olympics: Compelling Stories

The Olympic Games are truly amazing. It is the showcase of the world’s greatest athletes. Throughout this year’s games, there have been four unique and integrating stories that have developed before our eyes. These stories surround great athletes: Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, Usain Bolt, and Lolo Jones.

Michael Phelps has become the King of Swimming. With his record breaking performance in the 2008 games, the pressure to perform great in London was at an all-time high. Phelps didn’t get off to the start that he wanted when he got in 4th place in the 400m IM final. With his rival Ryan Lochte winning gold in the event and Phelps not medaling at all, it seemed that this Olympics was going to be the passing of the torch. Phelps ended up impressing us all by winning his 22nd medal and 18 gold medals overall which are both records.

Gabrielle Douglas known to the world as Gabby was amazing at the Olympic Games. Going into the games, the US Team in gymnastics women were considered the favorites. The buzz was centered on the 2010 world champ Jordyn Wieber. By the end of the qualifying round, the world knew all about Gabby Douglas. She was sensational with every performance. After winning gold as a team, Gabby reached Olympic royalty by winning gold in the women’s overall competition. She became the first African-American gymnasts to ever win the event.

Usain Bolt has already faced the Olympic spotlight before. Bolt has the world record in the 100 meters which makes him the fastest human ever. Still, for this Olympics Bolt hold on the top spot was in question because he lost in previous meet. When it was time, Bolt was still victorious and looking very impressive against the most elite runners in track and field history.

Unlike the previous three athletes mentioned, Lolo Jones story is a bit different. Jones was the top hurdler in the world when the 2008 Olympics rolled around. In the finals she was in the lead until she hit a hurdle and got off balance to finish without medaling. The next year, Jones hit another hurdle in a meet which prompt her to see a Doctor. The result was that she needed surgery on her spine. This 2012 Olympics were supposed to be the ending of a four year journey back to the top. After not medaling again in the same event, the story may end on an unhappy note.

What was your best moment of the 2012 games?

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