Breaking Down the Dwight Howard Trade

Breaking Down the Dwight Howard Trade

With the four team trade that took place on Friday August 10th, three of the teams seem to gain great value. Let’s go team by team to see how this trade will help each team now and in the future.

Los Angeles Lakers – The Lakers couldn’t have planned this better. They acquired Steve Nash in a sign and trade earlier in free agency which gave the Lakers a floor general at PG. In order for the Lakers to maximize the talents of Steve Nash, they will need to do many pick and rolls. The problem the Lakers faced is that they wouldn’t be able to do many pick and rolls with Andrew Bynum. By acquiring Howard, not only are they getting a defensive force in the middle, he is athletic enough to flourish in the Nash ran offense. Also the weak point in the starting five for the Lakers is the individual defense of Steve Nash. Now with Howard, the Lakers can clean up the mistakes on that end of the floor. Did I mention that Howard will be playing with Kobe Bryant? Enough said.

Philadelphia 76ers – The 76ers lost Andre Iguodala in the trade who was their best defender on the team but gained one of the best big men in the league in Andrew Bynum. Even though Howard and Bynum are in the final year of their contacts, it seems that both have a good chance at re-signing. Bynum grew up about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and will be the main man for this team. With players like Holliday, Turner, and Young, Bynum is a great fit for a team looking to compete in the Eastern Conference. With Bynum it gives the 76ers a legit chance at contending. Just look how competitive the Pacers were against the Heat with Roy Hibbert this past postseason.

Denver Nuggets – The Nuggets are getting a player in Iguodala. When Iguodala was asked by Coach Doug Collins to sacrifice his scoring to focus more defense on the opposite teams best scorer, it showed what type of person and player he was. With the likes of Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitizi in the Western Conference, the Nuggets made a great decision in acquiring a defensive stopper in Iguodala.

Orlando Magic – Simply put, the Magic are the outright losers in this deal unless they strike gold in the three draft picks they received in the trade. The players that they acquire are good players which include Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington, but they just traded Dwight Howard who is a former Defensive Player of the Year and corner piece of the Magic franchise. They had to trade him but it seemed that they had a better offer on the table with the Brooklyn Nets.

What do you think about the trade?

One Response to Breaking Down the Dwight Howard Trade

  1. cee nance says:

    i think bynum is gonna come bck to haunt them fact of the matter is if this dude chill for a year then go to like OKC,SPURS,CELTICS,or even the CLIPPER’S for that matter the LAKERS gonna have a problem.
    Never mind the heat or dwight cause he’s gonna have a chip on his shoulder and you knw wat happens when he mature’s the game is gonna slow dwn so much for this kid and that’s scary.

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