L.A. Dodgers Going All In on for a Championship

L.A. Dodgers Going All In on for a Championship

The Dodgers completed a big time trade with the Boston Red Sox with the Dodgers acquiring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett. Many will look to the fact that the Red Sox saved over $200 million in salary and that Crawford and Beckett were over paid. Those are all facts but what the Dodgers did was put themselves in great contender for a World Series run. Usually it is the Yankees or Red Sox that pull off trades to win now. Not the other way around. This all goes to the new way of thinking. Remember, their Co-Owner is Magic Johnson, one of the greatest competitors in sports history.

The trade paid immediate dividends with Gonzalez having a home run at his first at bat. The Dodgers improved their pitching rotation by adding Beckett to the lineup and not asking him to be the savior of the franchise. By placing Adrian Gonzalez at bating fourth, it gives the Dodgers opponents something to think about while facing Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez in between Gonzalez. Now before the Dodgers can think World Series, they have to make the playoffs first. They are 2.5 games out of the division lead currently. They are 1.5 games out of a wild card spot. This is an important month coming up for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This team is not only competing with the MLB but they are also competing with their sports teams in their own city. The Lakers can be considered one of the favorites to win a title this year, while the Kings just won a Stanley Cup. Also there is USC Football. They could be on their way to a National Championship this season. The time is now for the Dodgers.

What do you think of the trade the Dodgers made?

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