End of an Era: Diva Receivers

End of an Era: Diva Receivers

Some say that it all started with Keyshawn Johnson, others say it started earlier with guys like Michael Irvin, but no matter who and how it started it is apparent that the era of the diva wide receiver is over. It was an era where we saw not only touchdown celebrations, but Receivers upset with their Quarterbacks and wanting the ball more. We can now answer if it was worth it to be a “diva receiver”. The answer is no. Let’s take a look at a few of the players that were labeled as “divas”.

Terrell Owens: If you follow football, you know about Terrell Owens storied career. It has been filled with great accomplishments on the field with controversial actions within the locker room. First he alienated himself from his 49ers QB Jeff Garcia by criticizing his play. Then he complained publicly about then Eagles QB Donavan McNabb and got himself off the team. He accused Tony Romo of favoring Jason Witten even though he was a key part of the offense while playing in Dallas. After all of these issues, T.O. wanted everybody to believe that it wasn’t his fought. After a year stint in Buffalo and Cincinnati, T.O. tore his ACL in the offseason in 2011. No one wanted to touch him due to the behavior that Owens displayed throughout his career. After getting an opportunity to play with the Seattle Seahawks, Owens was outplayed by Braylon Edwards and some of the younger WR’s on the team. The team released Owens on August 26th. With not too many teams interested in Owens from the start, we may have seen the last of a hall of fame career. It is sad that he will be remembered for things not on the field.

Chad Johnson: Whether his name was Johnson or Ochocinco, all football fans knew about the colorful personality of Chad Johnson. Even though Chad personality is to have fun and to joke around plenty, he had some issues with being a diva receiver. While playing for the Bengals, Carson Palmer would get frustrated with Chad Johnson asking to get the ball all of the time. There were many times that the two had heated conversations on the sideline. The relationship with Johnson and Coach Marvin Lewis was up and down at best. The Bengals had enough and traded Johnson last season to the Patriots. Chad had 15 receptions for 276 yards for the entire season. After being signed with the Dolphins this offseason, he was arrested on domestic violence charge and released from the team. After having a horrible year last season and now the legal issue, it seems that no team will even touch Johnson. We may have also seen the last of Chad Johnson in the NFL. Once again, another sad ending.

Plaxico Burress: Burress was the Super Bowl hero in Super Bowl XLII. Even though Burress was seen as the man that brought a championship to the Big Apple, he would often cause problems in the locker room. Coaches would have issues with Burress being late to practice and seeming not to care often. After Burress had the shooting incident, he was allowed back into the league last season and played for the Jets. During the season, Burress and Santonio Holmes complained about QB Mark Sanchez and disrupted the locker room. With Burress in his mid-30’s and on an one year contract, it was easy to not re-sign him. Now he awaits another opportunity.

With each of these three players, it seems that the common trend is that teams would put up with the diva attitude while these players were in their prime but since they are older, no one wants to risk having an headache on their hands. This is a lesson for younger WR and players at all positions to understand that your actions can leave you without a job in this league. Randy Moss may be the only guy left that has been given chance to prove himself. He hasn’t been a problem so far for the 49ers. It was entertaining while it lasted but it seems that this era has come to an end.

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  1. cee nance says:

    That’s the thing that sicken’s me, when they’re play put fans in the seats it was o.k. when they were all on monday nite and sportcenter it was o.k. nobody cared that they complained about not getting the ball more. But what about “broadway joe” he marched to his own beat but in this day in age the NFL kills me with these rules like “celebration’s” it’s what makes these guy’s who they are and in the end if they could’nt play from a skill perspective then penalize them for that, not because they’re not yes men.

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