Quick Take on Stephen Strasburg Being Shutdown

Quick Take on Stephen Strasburg Being Shutdown

What Stephen Strasburg did this year after coming back from Tommy John surgery was simply amazing. Strasburg record is 15-6 with an ERA of 3.16 and was dominate this season. The issue is that the Washington Nationals decided to shutdown Strasburg for the season to make sure that he is healthy for future seasons. With the Nationals in first place in the NL East, it is a controversial decision that could hold long term consequences. The Washington Nationals have a shot at a World Series this year. What is the right decision in this situation?

I understand the meaning of shutting down Strasburg. The Nationals are looking out for his best interest by not over using the young pitcher. On the other hand, how many times do you get the chance to compete for a World Series? A championship run in the nation’s capital would mean everything to its fans that have been waiting for this team to be competitive for a long time. With Stephen Strasburg himself stating himself that he wants to be a great teammate and compete, the Nationals should limit him down the stretch of the season and let him pitch in the playoffs. With injuries, there are never guarantees. Either way you are taking a risk. Who’s to say that Strasburg will be healthier by seating? Let him play.

Do you think the Nationals are doing the wrong thing by shutting down Strasburg?

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