Who’s AL MVP: Cabrera or Trout?

Who’s AL MVP: Cabrera or Trout?

This race for MVP this year may be one of the hardest decisions in MLB history. In any other year, getting the Triple Crown would be more than enough to win the MVP award. If a player was clearly the best in the game by hitting 30 homeruns, over 45 stolen bases and over 125 runs in a season, it’s a no brainer that he would be MVP. The problem is that this happened this year with two players in the same league. Let’s hear from you, who should be MVP? Let’s break it down.

Miguel Cabrera is the first baseball player to achieve the Triple Crown since 1967. He is one of ten players to accomplish this achievement since 1922. Also he has led his team to the playoffs being the heart and soul of the Detroit Tigers. Being a MVP is not all about good numbers but the impact it has on one’s team. Cabrera is a major factor in the Tigers success this year.

Mike Trout has also had a great impact on his team. Trout had 30 homers while batting .326, 83 RBI, 129 runs and 49 steals. No one in history has ever had those numbers. Since late April when Trout saw his first action of the year, the Angels had the best record in the AL. Even though it wasn’t enough to make the playoffs, he had a great impact on his team.

Who’s your AL MVP?

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