Is this the year Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks Breakthrough?

Is this the year Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks Breakthrough?

Back in 2003 when LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony entered the league, the expectation was for both to win championships throughout their careers. The hype was so big that many were calling James and Anthony the new Magic and Bird. Fast forward to last season and most of the pressure was solely on the shoulders of LeBron James. Since James broke through with a MVP season and a championship ring to follow, the attention instantly falls on Carmelo Anthony to win now. Besides, in New York nothing less is expected.

The New York Knicks are primed to have a good season and contend in the East. They have a veteran squad that is the oldest in the league. What can make the Knicks a contender is if Anthony and Stoudemire can work well together? With a full training camp, a defensive minded coach and leadership from Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby joining the team, the time is now for Carmelo Anthony to get over the hump.

Anthony has only gone pass the first round of the playoffs one time in his nine year career. It was Carmelo Anthony that wanted to come to New York. The Knicks nearly gave up their whole roster for Anthony to be the cornerstone of the franchise. The time is now for Anthony to show what type of superstar he really is. Remember, Carmelo won a National Championship in College with Syracuse. In New York, Melo will face the heat if the Knicks are not contending. Knicks fans only know heartbreak besides the one year they won the NBA Championship in 1969. Most Knicks fans remember the heartache of losing to Michael Jordan and the Bulls. How about the battles with Reggie Miller and the Pacers? How about reaching the Finals and John Starks going 3-18 in game 7 of the NBA Finals? New York wants a winner now. It’s time for Carmelo Anthony and company to deliver.

What do you think about Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks?

2 Responses to Is this the year Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks Breakthrough?

  1. randy says:

    This season with felton and jason kidd coming to the knicks can really help them have a breakthrough season if the chemistry is there this season.

    • cee nance says:

      yeah it would be a good squad if that happens but he should’ve told the nuggets to get him the player’s they needed to win a ring they had k mart,lawson,j.r. smith,billups,birdman, and melo and then the center was o.k. too now he’s in N.Y. and can’t get on the same page with amare. Lin’s gone and they got a couple of other player’s but melo is a scorer not a leader like bird or magic they need someone who can get these guy’s to go ham at any given time not just pass me the ball and watch me shoot.

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