Kobe Wrong For Calling Out Gasol

Kobe Wrong For Calling Out Gasol

When you think about the great leaders in sports today, Kobe Bryant name is amongst the top of the list. How could anyone argue or disagree with Bryant’s leadership style knowing legend he has become. Even though Kobe Bryant is a five time championship and one of the greatest players of all time, telling Pau Gasol to “put on your big boy pants on” was just wrong.

What Kobe needs to realize is that the problem is not Gasol; it’s the Lakers offensive system. What sparked Kobe’s comments was the Lakers sub-par performance this season and Pau Gasol being taken out of the game during critical fourth quarter moments. Coach Mike D’Antoni runs a system based on spacing and fast pace scoring. With Dwight Howard as one of the big men on the floor, Gasol cannot work in the post as much due to D’Antoni system. It’s only room for one big man on the floor with Gasol now picking and popping away from the basket. Instead of D’Antoni adjusting his offensive style to Gasol, Pau is being asked to change his game and sit out in critical moment by his coach and Kobe Bryant.

What Kobe needs to understand is that Gasol is a grown man. If you have an issue, talk to your teammate; don’t blast him in the media. Kobe is taking the “asshole” role to the extreme. Remember, Kobe would not have won his last two titles without Pau Gasol. Gasol has every right to be upset. If the Lakers trade Gasol, maybe then they will see how valuable he really is.

How do you feel about Kobe’s words towards Pau Gasol.

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  1. cee nance says:

    This is the main reason why phil jackson wanted more control over basketball operations he know’s kobe, and he’s not gonna let howard dictate the offense. As far as gasol,garnett and bosh play the high post, pick/roll,pick/pop with some success well he can too that’s only one more scoring option for the team obviously kobe,and howard are worried about not getting enough touches. What it boils down to is dwight is gonna put L.A. through the same thing he did in orlando cause he’s gotta play the back seat for at least 3 more years untill kobe leave’s before he can consider this his team and without #24 rebuilding is automatic so if they get rid of gasol then there’s no chance of winning in the near or distant future.

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