Mayweather vs. Alvarez: Fight of the Century?

Mayweather vs. Alvarez: Fight of the Century?

The fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will be the fight of the century. This is truly the best fight that could be made. This fight should be better than any of Mayweather’s previous fights including DeLaHoya and  Cotto. Most people would agrue to say that they want to see Manny Pacaiquo fight Mayweather but until we see the Pacman bounce back from a demoralizing defeat, he doesn’t deserve this fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has not faced an opponent that is not only bigger than him but much younger and as talented of a boxer as they come. Fighting the likes of Victor Ortiz or Robert Gerrero are contest that most fight fans pretty much know the outcome. Mayweather will out box them without hardly getting touched. What’s so interesting about this fight is that the last time Mayweather fought a similar style fighter like Alvarez, it was Miguel Cotto. Cotto was able to touch up Mayweather early in the fight until he figured Cotto out. Alvarez has the chance to chok the world but it shouldn’t be as shocking as people would think. September 14th we will all see a classic in my estimation. If Mayweather is victorious, it will truly be his most impressive to date and it will only grow the legend of Money Mayweather even more.

What do you think about this upcoming fight?

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