Jay Z: The Takeover

Jay Z: The Takeover

He is questionably the greatest rapper of all time. Beyond that, he is without a doubt the most successful hip-hop artist of all time with thirteen #1 albums only trailing the Beatles. He’s married to the hottest chick in the game and his net worth is over $400 million. With Jay Z having minority ownership of the Brooklyn Nets until recently, he is now set to be an even bigger player in the business world of sports as head of Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency.

People that are not fans of his music or hip-hop culture will say that he doesn’t know anything about being a sports agent and will point to examples like Master P as a mogul who wasn’t a great success at being an agent. What people need to understand is that Jay Z is a trend setter and an iconic figure in today’s culture. The takeover has begun and narrow minded sports fans will need to understand that Jay Z Roc Nation Sports will become one of the most successful sports agencies in the industry just like he has dominated the music and clothing industries in the past.

What some people fail to realize is that the players in the NFL, MLB, and NBA look up to Shawn Carter aka Jay Z because of his influence on pop culture along with his business success. Even Jay Z realizes that he is about to change the game. On his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay spits: “Scott Boris you over/Robinson Cano you coming with me/ these ___ like rotary phone it’s a new day, hit up KD.” Jay Z will not be the one negotiating contracts with GM’s, he has teamed up with agents from powerhouse CAA to handle that. It’s the expertise of marketing beyond the sport that Jay comes in at. That’s why he has names like Kevin Durant, Robinson Cano, Victor Cruz, Geno Smith and many more that will join. It’s only a matter of time before the takeover is complete.

What do you think about Jay Z becoming a sports agent?

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  1. I’m like more power to you, but lets not forget about what happened to Dame Dash and roca fella records. I would just like to see him have a stance on the NCAA and these kids leaving school early or getting a budget for these kids while in school because even if you’ve got a full ride because of sports you still have to maintain a certain GPA plus still have to dedicate yourself to your sport. If he didn’t do anything toward that but still spoke out about it I think he has that platform to where he would have the ear of a lot of people doing something like that would earn him a lot of “cred” with these guys.

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