NBA 2013-14 Season Preview

NBA 2013-14 Season Preview

With this NBA Season being one of the most anticipated in years, it sure to be one of the most entertaining. Can the Miami Heat win three championships in a row? Can Derrick Rose regain form and still be one of the best players in the league? Will the Brooklyn Nets take over the city of New York and contend for a title? Will Dwight Howard be the missing peace to a championship for the Houston Rockets? These are just some of the questions that will be answered this season. Let’s take a look into each conference and make predications.

Eastern Conference:

The Eastern Conference begins and ends with the Miami Heat. The Heat struggled in the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers because of their size. This offseason, the Heat went out and signed Greg Oden. If he is healthy, this move may result in the Heat 3-Peat. The other question marks are if Dwyane Wade will be healthy during the playoffs and if he and LeBron James can continue to co-exist. Look for another James to have another stellar year.

If the Heat are the favorites to make it back to the finals, the rest of the top notch Eastern Conference foes are not far behind. The Indiana Pacers pose a threat because of their size and the chemistry of the core being together for a few years. The Brooklyn Nets added two of the big three Celtics in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. With new coach Jason Kidd, it will be interesting to see if they have enough to make a run for the title or will Garnett and Pierce time run out? The Chicago Bulls have Derrick Rose back and play intense defense. The New York Knicks are also a threat. When the Knicks are hot shooting the ball, no one can beat them. It will be interesting to see the playoff matchups in April.

Western Conference:

Dwight Howard becoming a member of the Houston Rockets made them an instant contender and a team that is added to the mix. It will be interesting to see how Russell Westbrook recovers from his knee injury. OKC will be a threat but can they get over the hump? We all know that the Spurs, Clippers, and Grizzlies will have a say in the conference but the team to look out for is Golden State Warriors. Adding Andre Iguodala to an already good team can be the missing piece to win the West.

Prediction: Instead of going with the obvious choice and picking the Miami Heat to win the title, I feel that it will be the Chicago Bulls time and they will represent the East in the Finals against the Los Angeles Clippers (wanted to pick Warriors but last second change). We’ll wait until June 2014 to see if this comes true.

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  1. deze says:

    U are right on about this season i think without any major injury to any key player we could see the best of the Nba in the last 15 years

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