Five Rules of Being a Real Sports Fan

Five Rules of Being a Real Sports Fan

The name of this website is pretty self-explanatory. The name isn’t meant to exclude casual sports fans, it’s to uplift and give material to the sports fans that are passionate. With that being stated, there are a few rules that I feel a fan should follow if they are to call themselves a true sports fan.

Number One: Sticking with one team.

When you are a sports fan, it is important that you stick with one team per sport for team sports. For example, you cannot have two or three teams that is “your team” in the NFL. That is a person that just wants to brag and take credit for liking a team when they win. If you pick multiple teams, you’re really just trying to increase your chances of winning instead of being passionate about a team. When being a fan, you are totally connected to that franchise. You go to their games, spend money on merchandise, and is emotionally connected. When LeBron James signed with the Miami Heat as a free agent, many people all of a sudden became Heat Fans. Most of those people were fans of the Bulls in the 90’s or the Lakers in the 00’s. Just being a fan of a trendy team doesn’t make you a true fan. If James signs with Cleveland in the offseason, I guess those people will become Cavs Fans again. That’s being a fan of a player not a team.

Number Two: Having Some Merchandise.

How can you be a fan of the New England Patriots and not have a hat, jersey, or even a t-shirt of the team? Do you truly care if your team wins? Spending money on your team or representing them is showing how emotionally connected you are with the team.

Number Three: Do Not Become a Fantasy Freak.

It is fine to participate in Fantasy Football or whatever sports that you like. It’s another thing when you only care if Arian Foster is healthy to play this week but don’t care about the person well-being. I believe in some cases that Fantasy Football is a conflict of interest. You cannot be a Dallas Cowboys Fan but then have RGIII as your Quarterback. As a fan especially in football, your main focus is that your team wins and every team in your favorite team’s division loses.

Number Four: Having Knowledge of your Team.

You cannot be a fan of the Lakers and mention that Lamar Odom and Metta World Peace will have a big year for the Lakers. Make sure that you are up to date with your team’s transactions. Having knowledge about your team and other teams will take you a long way in debating sports topics. Make sure to watch ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, NBA TV, or other sports channels. The more you watch, the more you learn.

Number Five: Being a Loyal Fan.

If you’re in a marriage, it is supposed to be to death do us part. Well in sports, staying faithful and loyal to your team even through the bad times shows that you are a true sports fan. No matter if that team hasn’t won a championship, you still hold out hope for next year. When your team does win, it will feel that much sweeter.

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