What’s wrong with the New York Knicks?

What’s wrong with the New York Knicks?

How does a team go from making the second round of the playoffs to being one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference the first quarter of the season? When you combine injuries, pending free agency, and a lack of commitment to the defensive end of the floor, you become what the New York Knick has become. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this year’s New York Knicks.

The Knicks have a 5-14 record as of 12/10/13. The first thing that has affected the Knicks is injuries. With Tyson Chandler out for most of the season and J.R. Smith coming off of injury, the Knicks are not the same team that won 54 games last season. It is still not a reason for a team that had Championship aspirations this year to be nine games away from .500. I believe that much of the Knicks issues come from a lack of leadership and focus from their star player Carmelo Anthony.

Before the season started, Carmelo Anthony mentions that he was looking forward to free agency in the offseason. Most fans understand that star players want to be compensated as such and when Anthony time comes to get paid, he should get a max deal. The problem is to not think about the offseason before the actual season starts, focus on the task of bringing a championship to New York for the first time since 1972-73. Carmelo Anthony has the ability to do what Patrick Ewing wasn’t able to do, that bring home a championship to the city of New York. That should be enough motivation to commit fully to this team and think about recruiting free agents to New York instead of thinking about leaving. Melo would own the city if he won in NY.

Just as an observer from the outside, it seems that Carmelo Anthony can’t wait until the summer. When you’re going through adversity that is the time when you dig down deep and display leadership and make sure that everyone on the team is focused on getting better not creating issues. There is no accountability during the media sessions after the Knicks lose. All you hear is how the team is horrible right now not how I need to do better. I believe that Carmelo Anthony can win big in the NBA, but he must accept responsibility and become more of a leader. The problem with the New York Knicks is not the coaches fought, it’s on the players.

If things do not get better in a hurry, soon people will start questioning Anthony’s intentions. He couldn’t win in Denver and he can’t win in New York. If he decides to leave in the offseason, it’s a must win situation or he will be a talented player that could never win big in the NBA. To answer question the question in the title, it’s leadership and accepting responsibility.

What do you think is wrong with the Knicks?

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  1. Now with all the guys back from injury it’s still the melo show, melo spoke out then shortly after chandler did as well people say your not suppose to call folks to the carpet but it had to be said. I think they’re all caught up with the free agency thing with melo but if you think about it would it be a bad thing? I’m saying I would trade melo and amare for the klay thompson and bogut from golden state I mean bogut just stand around anyway and Thompson can shoot so it’ll work itself out, you got melo who can shoot or take it to the rack plus he can play the power forward too. Melo had billups in Denver but with curry he’s gonna go with his game anyway I swear he never had a point guard to say your not open so we gonna run these plays and that’s all he needs is just to play his role but in nyc there’s nobody on that squad who can tell him that, and that’s whats wrong with the knicks!

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