The Real Richard Sherman

The Real Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman is finally getting the recognition as the best at his position. Sherman however, always knew he was the best in the game at CB because he’s been telling everyone for the past two years. The nation witnessed the so called “rant” that Sherman had during the conclusion of the NFC Championship Game and some have labeled him a thug and someone that has a me first attitude. His confrontation with Michael Crabtree made national news. The video is already a YouTube sensation. If you didn’t know better, you would think that Sherman was some type of a crazed NFL player. That observation of Richard Sherman cannot be further from the truth.

Richard Sherman grew up in Compton, CA, perceived as one of the most dangerous area in America. Not only did Sherman make it out of Compton, he did so by being a straight A student in high school which eventually landed him at Stanford University. Sherman not only succeeded in the classroom, he also was exceptional in football. His last two years at Stanford, Sherman recorded six interceptions and led the school to a 12-1 record in 2010. It’s only fitting that he graduated with a communication degree. This doesn’t sound much like a loud mouth thug. Since being in the NFL, Sherman has been undoubtedly been the best in the league at cornerback.

Last year, Richard Sherman was involved in a much heated twitter debate with CB Darrell Revis. At the time, Revis was crowned the best corner in the game. Sherman disagreed and said that he was via twitter.” @Revis24 don’t need ya name… Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up! @Revis24 one season u will get 8 picks…. But it won’t happen anytime soon… I did it in my 2nd season… So u have something to chase.” It sounded crazy at the time but he has proven time after time that he belongs. He also boasted last year when the Seahawks beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He talked trash to Brady like he was a receiver that lines across from him. No one has ever done that to the great Tom Brady. It only shows how confident he is in his team and himself.

Why can’t we take all of Sherman’s talk and realize that he is a person that is very confident in his abilities and a person that has a chip on his shoulder. Sherman was a top CB coming out of college but was somehow passed up in the draft and went in the 5th round of the 2011 NFL Draft. There were rumors that his college coach who is the current San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t have many favorable words to NFL personnel about Sherman. With Sherman maybe believing that rumor, along with feeling disrespected by Michael Crabtree at a charity dinner, and being an ultimate competitor, created what happened at the end of the NFC Championship Game.

Am I saying that what Richard Sherman did when he went over to Crabtree after the interception was classy? No. What he said wasn’t the most professional thing in the world. But what we must understand that this is football not a Fortune 500 board meeting. In order for Sherman to be great, he has to have that confidence to do so. He just chooses to express out loud. As long as he is not taking the attention away from the team and he continues to perform at a high level, what can you say? Just don’t call a guy of Sherman’s credentials a thug or anything derogatory.

What is your opinion on Richard Sherman?

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  1. This guy and all the hype he’s getting is starting to piss me off and not because I’m a broncos fan well manning fan. Deon could say he was the best because he was a game changer this dude tipped a pass and all of a sudden he’s the best how about prove yourself I can see if he caught a pic and ran it back for the T.D. While he’s talking so much lets not forget about the welker play where he could be taken out the game, I don’t want to see it but stuff like this happens! All I’m saying is just like LeBron was put in the category of Jordan even before he won his first ring let’s wait until Sherman prove himself.

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