Why Peyton Manning Should Be Considered Best Ever

Why Peyton Manning Should Be Considered Best Ever

Peyton Manning is headed to his third Super Bowl in his Hall of Fame career. He has been criticized heavy because of all the regular season success and the early exits from the post season. He has one Super Bowl ring but many feel as though he should have more based on how great he has been. Some even consider Manning an underachiever. What I seen during the AFC Championship Game only confirmed what I have been thinking for a long time. Manning greatness isn’t based off of how many times he beats Tom Brady; he should already be considered the best quarterback in NFL history.

If you have listened to our radio show, (blogtalkradio.com/forrealsportsfans) you may have heard me say that Peyton Manning needed to win this year’s AFC Championship and eventually the Super Bowl to be considered the best QB of all time. Well, the reason I say he should be because the championship game proved that it wasn’t all Manning, but it was a team effort. Manning had a great game with 400 yards passing and 2 touchdowns, but if it wasn’t for the Broncos making critical stops, we may still be questioning Peyton Manning. When Manning played Brady early in both of their careers, Brady Patriots teams were overall a better team. That’s why Brady was 2-1 vs. Manning before Sunday’s game. We cannot judge the QB position based on head to head records. It helps perception that Manning beat Brady in playoff games but it really Manning playing Brady’s defenses and vice versa.

Besides the stats that back up my claim but Manning should be considered best ever because he is virtually the team’s offensive coordinator and his teams are always in contention every year. When Peyton Manning is your QB, you are basically guaranteed that your team will get double digit wins and no worries of being in the playoffs. He wasn’t thrown in a great system like Brady and Montana, or have guys to hand the ball off to like John Elway had in Terrell Davis; Manning basically created his offensive system and mastered it. Not to say his previous coordinators did do anything but the way Manning is a coach on the field is like nothing we have ever seen. I do believe that you must prove yourself in the postseason to be considered great but I do believe that Manning has done enough to prove he is the greatest. A Super Bowl victory this year should put the doubt out of many fans minds.

Do you think that Peyton Manning is the best Quarterback of all time?

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