NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

This year’s Super Bowl will feature both number one seeds from each conference which will surely make this year’s game a great one. Much talk leading into the game has been how Peyton Manning will do against Seahawks defense. I believe that it will take all three aspects of football to beat the other team: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. With this game between the Broncos and the Seahawks most likely being a close affair, I decided to give reasons why both teams has a good chance at winning and then the official predication on who wins. Let’s get started.

Reason Seattle Seahawks will win:

We have always been taught that defense wins championships. Well if that is the case, the Seattle Seahawks have no worries about Super Bowl Sunday. The task at hand is to stop Peyton Manning. It is hard to imagine the Broncos able to run the ball consistently against the Seahawks because they are among the league’s best in stopping the run. Just look at film of the NFC Championship game and the job they did to Frank Gore. This puts the game in Peyton Manning hands. Even though the Seahawks have Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor in the secondary, it will be up to the front four led by Michael Bennett to put pressure on Manning and force turnovers. No one has been able to get to Manning all year but with the talent of this defense, it is possible. The Seahawks offense is no slouch itself with Russell Wilson leading the way with Marshawn Lynch. Wilson is a special talent and as humble of a leader as they come. He turns negative plays into positive plays with his ability alone. The Seahawks will consistly pound the rock with Lynch setting up the play action with Wilson. They caught the 49ers with several big plays by running the ball setting up the pass. Even if Lynch has two yards a carry, Seahawks know that at any time he can one for fifty. The presence of Percy Harvin could be the X-Factor come Super Bowl Sunday. His big play ability as a receiver along with his special teams play can make the difference. To beat this team, it’s going to take a legendary performance from the Broncos.

Reason Denver Broncos will win:

In the ultimate team sport, one man can only make so much of a difference. However, Peyton Manning is no ordinary man. He considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in history and with the Seahawks Defense rolling into town, Manning will have to be at his best to win. With the Seahawks being a good run stopping defense, Manning may come out throwing the ball to soften them up and then mix some runs in to keep the Seahawks honest. Manning knows that the Seahawks defense is looking to put pressure on him. Manning has been at his best when the ball is out of his hands less than 3-4 seconds. Look for the quick slants and Wes Welker to be a factor in the pass game. If the Broncos offensive line keep Manning clean in the pocket, I don’t care if it’s the 85 Bears, the Seahawks Defense will be in for a long day. Broncos Defense will need to stop the run first exactly like they did to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Stopping Marshawn Lynch and putting the game in Russell Wilson hands is the Broncos best bet. Even though I feel Wilson is a special player, he doesn’t have the weapons around him like Manning does and he doesn’t have a big target to get him key third down conversions. Sidney Rice is out for the year so guys like Golden Tate will have to be the big playmakers and I’m not sure if they can pull off. The main thing is to stop Marshawn Lynch.


I think that Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense will make enough plays and put up enough points to beat the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have had a tremendous season and there is one team to beat Manning this year, it would be them but I believe that Manning has a great performance and he and his teammates will break the defensive code of the Seahawks. Also I believe that the Broncos Defense will hold Lynch under 100 yards rushing. Broncos 30 Seahawks 24.

Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVIII?

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