2014 NFL Mock Draft (Pick 1-10)

2014 NFL Mock Draft (Pick 1-10)

1 – Houston Texans: Khalil Mack

This is not a typo. I know that everyone thinks that this first pick will be Jadeveon Clowney but Mack is a better fit and some insiders feel that he will ultimately be the better player. Khalil Mack is explosive playmaker at OLB and will fit nicely with JJ Watt. Overlook the fact that he played at the University of Buffalo, he is a top talent and really excel with the Texans.


2 – St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson

This pick is simple for the Rams unless they trade the pick. With Robert Quinn and Chris Long at DE, the Rams pick a player in Robinson that will solidify the Offensive Line for years to come.


3 – Jacksonville Jaguars: Jadeveon Clowney

The Jags need a QB badly but they cannot help but go after Clowney in this case. He is the most physically gifted player in the draft. It’s a no brainer.


4 – Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel

The Browns finally get their face of the franchise guy in Manziel. With the Browns having another pick in the first round, watch for them to add a big time weapon for their new QB. He will inherit a great WR in Josh Gordon. With the additions the Browns made in the last two years, the Browns fans will finally have something to cheer for.


5 – Oakland Raiders: Sammy Watkins

Picking Watkins here will make Matt Schaub very happy. Sammy Watkins is the consensus number one WR in the draft. He has great hands with speed and sure to be a 100 catch receiver.


6 – Atlanta Falcons: Jake Matthews

Don’t be surprised if the Falcons trade up to the second spot in the draft and select Clowney if the Texans pass on him. In the case of that not happening, Jake Matthews still fills a need for the Falcons that need to protect Matt Ryan. He was the man protecting the blind side of one Johnny Football for the last few years.


7 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans

Tampa fills a need area as well as improving an offense that need to put up points against division rival Carolina Panthers. Mike Evans was Manziel’s favorite target and pair him with Vincent Jackson will be one heck of a duo. Both are around 6’5 and will make their QB sleep better at night.


8 – Minnesota Vikings: Blake Bortles

Bortles could very well be the first pick in the draft for the Texans. His play in the Rose Bowl put him on the map and was very impressive at his pro day. The Vikings need a QB with the intangibles of Bortles to pair with Adrian Peterson.


9 – Buffalo Bills: Eric Ebron

The Bills are in a great spot to the by far the best TE in the draft in Eric Ebron. If Mike Evans is still available at this point, the Bills brass will have a decision to make but I believe that Ebron can be that safety blanket for E.J. Manual. He can also stretch the field with his rare speed which reminds people of Vernon Davis.


10 – Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert

The Lions would have loved to take Mike Evans in this spot but the Bucs beat them to the punch. The Lions can finally address their poor secondary with Gilbert. Gilbert has great size and speed to develop into a true playmaker in this league.

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