Let Johnny Be Johnny

Let Johnny Be Johnny

Former Heisman Trophy winner and one of the most charismatic individuals the sport of football has ever seen will now star in Cleveland. You cannot change Johnny Manizel. He is who he is and that is a star personality. Granted, he still has to prove himself on the field but too many times he have heard that the Cleveland Browns organization wanting to have Manizel tone down his personality. Between hanging out with the ladies in Vegas or taking selfies with stars like Floyd Mayweather Jr and Justin Bieber, the man we all call Johnny Football has arrived.

The Cleveland Browns should have never selected Manziel in the draft if they had issues with his personality. As long as Manziel is working hard and being a good team, why should anyone care where he spends his off time at? There are questions about if Manziel style of play is suited for the NFL. This is the most important part of the sports conversation. For real sports fans only worry about the play on the field and Browns Executives including the Owner should do the same.

What do you think about the treatment of Johnny Manziel so far?

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