Coming Home

Coming Home

It seems like you can pull this story straight from a Hollywood script. The kid that was self-proclaimed as the chosen one gets drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers which is about 40 miles away from his hometown of Akron, OH. Seven years later, he humiliates his Cavs fans and organization by making the “decision” to create a super team with the Miami Heat. After four years and two championships later, that kid from Northwest Ohio is coming home. Not only was it the right “decision”, it possibility solidified a legacy.

LeBron James may have done something that is very hard to do and that’s erase a mistake. By deciding to come back to Cleveland Cavaliers, James is able to still be the hope that region has for a championship. Majority of the sports fans in Cleveland don’t have any clue how it feels to be a champion. The Cavs have been in Cleveland since 1970 and has no titles. The Browns last won when Jim Brown was at running back in 1964. The Indians last won a World Series back in 1948.

Many people including myself feel that it was weak to join forces with Wade and Bosh to create a super team. Maybe it’s being old school to think that if you’re the man, free agents will join you not the other way around.  Embarrassing your hometown team and fans just added to the dislike to James. By making the decision to come home and having the chance to deliver the first championship will forever make LeBron James one of the most beloved athletes of all time. What an opportunity. If he and the Cavs can deliver a title, it will demolish the haters and James will be an Icon. He would then create his own legacy and will no longer have to be compared to Jordan. Michael Jordan will always be considered better but James legacy would be unique in a way that they make a Hollywood movie about his career one day.

What do you think about the decision part II?

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