Quick Hits

Quick Hits

Quick hits are quick opinions about topics throughout sports. Here we go: I feel that the argument between Peyton vs. Eli is ridiculous. Let’s have some prospective for a moment. Eli Manning has two Super Bowls but Peyton Manning is the better QB. Peyton has four league MVP’s and a Super Bowl win with a less inferior talented team than Eli has in New York. Bottom line is that people should stop being prisoners of the moment on this issue.

Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas rejected his invite to the White House because he doesn’t agree with the policies of President Obama. As an American, he has the right to go wherever he wants but it is totally disrespectful to dismiss an invite to the White House. Not trying to be too political here but what has the Obama Administration done that’s worse than what the Bush Administration has done. Thomas stated that it wasn’t political but he was spotted with the Tea Party logo. It’s alright to disagree with the government but to be selfish and take away a special moment from your teammates to make a statement is flat out sad.

Tiger Woods and Tony Romo are pairing up this weekend to play in a golf Pro-Am tournament. These two athletes have different situations but their goals of reaching the top are similar. Tiger Woods is on his road to redemption after his fall from grace. Ever since November 2009, Tiger has not won a golf tournament until a few months ago. I believe that that he will bounce back like never before and he will win at least one major this year. As for Tony Romo, I can write all day about how unfair people have been on him. He’s had his moments where he’s been less than stellar (Detroit Lions game 2011) but I can argue that Romo is a top 7 QB. He wasn’t the reason the Cowboys were out of the playoffs this year. No matter what, he will always have his doubters until he wins a Super Bowl. The bottom line for both Woods and Romo, they have to win to prove the doubters wrong.

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  1. Randy says:

    Yeah I think people are caught up on the moment with eli. He has won two superbowls but peyton can change a non playoff team into contenders and eli doesnt have that quality he has a better team.Tiger and tony romo have championships in there future

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